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High marks, spectacular goals, hard tackles, tight shorts – however you know it, Australian Football is growing in popularity across the world, and The Netherlands is no exception!

Here are some facts about Australian Football:

Australian Football is the oldest form of football in the world
The sport’s origins are from a combination of sources, mainly Irish (Caid and modern Gaelic Football) and aboriginal sports (Marn Grook), however the game is recognised as the oldest style of Football in the world (yes, the official laws of the game were developed in 1858, with modern ‘soccer’ rules introduced in 1863!).

Australian Football is NOT Rugby
t is a unique sport with very different rules and skills. While in Europe we often use Rugby fields to play the game, there is no connection between the two codes.

Australian Football is NOT as dangerous as commonly thought
The rules protect players against injury: deliberate hard tackles and rough play are penalised. We strictly enforce our ‘friendly and fair play’ rules, and fighting is not tolerated in any form.

Australian Football is an exceptional way to maintain fitness
Short hard running, combined with physical actions, agility, hand-eye co-ordination and accuracy combine for a fast paced and excitement filled sport for players and spectators.

For more information about the rules by which we play in The Netherlands, download the NL Rules of Play and Field Positions.


While traditionally an Australian sport, Australian Football is growing rapidly in Europe. Over 1,000 players (both Australian expats and local nationals) participate regularly across almost every country in Europe.

The Dutch Australian Football Association is proud t0 be associated with both the Australian Football League (the professional governing body for Australian Football) and the European Australian Football Association (the European body for co-ordinating the sport in Europe).

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