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Welcome to the website of AFl in the Netherlands, great to hear that you are interested in playing the awesome game of Australian Rules Football here in The Netherlands. Here are a few things you might want to know about AFL Netherlands and will help you find yourway around the Dutch footy community.

AFL Netherlands is the governing body of Australian Football in the Netherlands and its goal is to promote and grow the sport here, and to facilitate the Australian football clubs here to be able to play the game


At the moment we have two clubs in the Netherlands.

The Amsterdam Devils have been around the longest and have grown a reputation for themselves in the European AFL community as an opponent to be feared.  Training is every Thursday night at 7pm at Sportpark Eendracht.

The Delft Blues are a newly found club in South-Holland, resulting from AFL Netherlands’ ambition to grow the sport with the goal to have a national league eventually. Training is biweekly on Saturdays in Delft.

Flying Dutchmen

Besides the club teams, there also is the Dutch National Team known as The Flying Dutchmen. The Flying Dutchmen compete against Europe’s other national teams. If you’re a Dutchman you qualify for selection and you might have the opportunity to represent your country. If you’re non-Dutch you could also be selected for the Flying Dutchman, however this does not apply for Aussies.


The Australian football season in the Netherlands runs from February till October. Highlights on the calendar are the Champions League in spring, the AFL NL 9’s in summer and Euro Cup in autumn. Champions League is an annual tournament organized by AFL Europe and hosted by AFL Netherlands. Every country’s league champion travels to Amsterdam for this one day tournament to decide who is Europe’s strongest team. The AFL NL 9’s is the home league in the Netherlands in which the Devils, the Blues and a third team formed for the occasion play a full round-robin to decide who’s allowed to play in the Grand Final to win the title of Dutch Champion.

The Euro Cup is the European Championships for country teams, annually organized by AFL Europe in October. The Flying Dutchmen compete in this one-day tournament to represent
the Netherlands. Besides these highlights on the calendar, friendly matches are organized a few times a year between the Dutch clubs and other clubs from around Europe. Furthermore, we have the Kingsday Cup in Amsterdam in April, an annual match between the Amsterdam Devils and the Flying Dutchmen.


To be able to facilitate the game, e.g. the hire of fields, use of the sport park’s facilities, the purchase of footballs etc. some costs are involved for AFL Netherlands. These are partially covered by the paid memberships of our players. The membership fee amounts €150 for new members, which also gets you socks and shorts of your club, and €130 for existing members. Of course you can try out and come down for a kick at training to see if Australian football is the sport for you (and of course it is!), but when you decide to stick around we expect you to contribute.


Games and events are all announced on Facebook (Links). Besides that, communication is mostly done through Whatsapp. We have a Delft Blues, Devils, and Flying Dutchmen Whatsapp group and there’s an “AFL NL Social” Whatsapp group for all the footy chat, trash talking about Collingwood, and all other banter. Please fill in the servey here (Link) so we have your details.

AFL Netherlands

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